Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Homemade Pac-Man Halloween Costumes

I got the idea to be a Pac-Man  family for Halloween about a month before the holiday.

Travis snapping secret pictures of me painting. We just used regular old acrylic paint to paint over the cardboard that Trav brought home from work.

Travis did all the measuring and plotting of the pieces after looking online at dimensions of  the characters. He basically decided what one "pixel" equaled and then went from there. We used an x-acto blade to cut all of the pieces out.

Ready for their eyes which I traced from one pattern and then cut out and painted. That meant I had to do less measuring.
I hot glued the eyes to the fronts of the ghosts.

I punched holes at the tops of each character with my crop-a-dile (hole punch) and then strung some 8mm stretch jewelry cording through the holes and tied a bunch of knots to hold it in place. 
Other than a few people thinking we were puzzle pieces the costumes were a hit. 
Have a great day!!!!


  1. Fabulous! What a great family theme idea. I bet the kids loved getting in on the making of it too.

  2. SUCH an awesome idea!

  3. so FUN... great idea..

  4. Just too clever and so much fun!

  5. My kids were talking about halloween and we asked them what they wanted to be. I have 3 boys and a girl. My oldest son said he wanted to be a ghost. Then my daughter agreed with him. My wife came up with this same idea. We are on a low income because I do not work. This looked easy to do and great for our budget. Can you e-mail me a break down of how to do it and what to use?