Friday, January 30, 2009

Project 365: 14,15,16,17,18,19, 20, 21

January 26, Day 14: Tessa's two bottom teeth are growing in behind her baby teeth. She got the first one out a few months ago but for some reason they just want to hang in there. This is her daddy's was of solving that problem. He ties a piece of dental floss around the tooth, one yank and the tooth is out. There is some drama involved. (I can't stand to watch) but she's happy when the tooth fairy comes. I love thi picture simply because I caught Jakob looking on in the background.
January 27, Day 15: Grammy and Grampy are going home today. It's so fun having them here. They bought us a congratualations cake the night before because we finished the BoM as a family. I'm so glad I have such amazing in-laws.

January 28, Day 16: I found this really neat little toothbrush holder. It fits four toothbrushes, just waiting on the little one to sprout some teeth. I just like the way they sit next to one another and the toothpaste tube even has a place behind them!

January 29, Day 17: I feel like I've accomplished a huge task! My closet is finally decluttered. Our dear friends blessed us with a storage shed and many a trip was made from my closet to the shed!!! I've always color coordinated my clothes by the ROYGBIV color I weird?

January 30, Day 18: I just had to take a picture of Jonah on this day...he reminded me so much of my little Aaron years ago. Here's the comparison shot. Same high chair. My boys all have something in common. Jakob got two dimples, Aaron a left dimple and Jonah a right one. Funny how that worked out.

January 31, Day 19: Went to JoAnn's today to try and use my coupon. Everything was on sale though. Love this crazy old building just wish it wasn't next to a strip joint. My kids ask me why there are graphics of ladies on the outside. I explained it to them and now I get to here, "Hey, Tessa, that's the place where girls take their shirts off." UGH! Momdom is hard sometimes.

February 1, Day 20: Everyone is still getting over the sickies. We all stayed home from church today. Travis got out the big table and a puzzle I picked up at the thrift store. It's super hard because it's of a painting and the canvas texture is everywhere!! Still we got this far before bed.

February 2, Day 21: Today the kiddos are home from school. I love days like this. Jakob took a picture of me with Jonah. He's a silly guy. We're going to go through all of the kids books and make a BIG donate pile. We have so many.

Have a great day.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Project 365: 9,10,11,12,13

January 21st, Day 9

The next season of LOST premiers and we can't help ourselves...we watch it and we're just as confused as we were when last season ended. Will we continue to watch? We'll see. How many times can we say, "What the heck?"

January 22nd, Day 10
This pretty much sums up my life right now. Everyone is sick. I took Jonah to urgent care. He has croup. Tess and Aaron have horrible runny noses and coughs. I just don't want the yuck. I'm so grateful for modern medicines that help us get over the really bad stuff.

January 23, Day 11
Jakob was baptized today. I can't tell you what a stressful and fulfilling time it was for me. I am so proud of him. He is just growing up way too fast. I was so emotional when I saw him enter the baptismal font.
January 24, Day 11
Jakob won the pinewood derby (his very first one) for the Wolf Scouts. Here he is holding his medal and the car that he and his dad built together. It's totally based on one of his Hotwheel cars.

January 25, Day 12
I love my mom and so do my children. She's such a fun grandma, but don't open the door to her car as she's driving down the road(Aaron) because she'll let ya have it! I'm so happy she got to be here to see her first grandson make his baptismal covenant. We had fun shopping at the local thrift stores. We got some awesome deals.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lovin' project 365

January 18th, Day 8 I spent the better part of the day sorting through mail. I feel responsible for the death of at least one tree a month because of all the junk mail and bills we receive. So sad. I've even put our names on the do not mail list, but it still keeps coming.

January 19th, Day 7: Jakob turned eight years old. This is a big year for him. He wants to be baptized and he is such a good big brother, well, when he's not arguing with them or bossing them around. He got a new Razor bike for his birthday (I love after Christmas clearance) which he promptly rode at 6:30 am, yey for no school. January 20th, Day 8: Can he fix it? Yes he can. Travis is so good with all things electronic and electrical and automotive and building related. He really is a jack of all trades. Tonight he is building an electronic timer for the boyscout pinewood derby this Saturday. I hope he'll help me make curtains for the kitchen tomorrow.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Jakob's Birthday!

Today is Jakob's birthday. He is eight and it's great!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Project 365...hopefully.

Becky Higgins just made a kit called Project 365. You're to take a picture each day of the year that has to do with your life in some way. I've embarked upon this project even though I don't have the kit and seeing as it's out of stock, may never get it. I'd like to post my pictures here so that I can journal for them and not forget why I took the pic in the first place.

Day 1 January 12,2009: Aaron woke up with a stomach bug. Poor little guy, he couldn't stop vomiting. We just stayed at home and he watched The Lion King for the very first time.

Day 2 I went over to Loma's house to help her with her wedding invites...all 300 of them. The left side will have a picture of her and her soon to be husband...matted in black, they're wearing red.

Day 3: I spent most of the day (when I wasn't taking care of the kids) writing signs. I do them for a little extra income and this last October I marked my fifth year of being a writer. I used to be a pretty prolific writer but I just don't have the time anymore. I write about 400 signs every two weeks when I'm working as opposed to the 800-1000 I used to write.

Day 4: Bran, it's what's for breakfast. These are MY morning staples, when I was a kid I thoroughly enjoyed my Cocoa Puffs but these days I can't even bring myself to taste them! I love a nice bowl of nutty, steel cut oats in the morning with a little butter and salt! Yum!

Day 5 My birthday! Travis made pancakes, ham, and hashbrowns for me and served me in bed. Once a year he spoils me like this, well, when it's a weekend and he can. Love that man. And I'll add another picture of the cake he made today while I was at an activity with the kids. He went online and researched how to make fondant (used up all of my powdered sugar) and dyed the icings himself! He also made a delicious filling for the cake from walnuts, marshmallows and chocolate chips. Thanks honey, I had a very happy birthday. I was given a new game to play, a puzzle, a fancy pin to wear and a fleece blanket. Smiles everyone. Have a great day.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meeting MR. MAYOR

I live in a small town, I love it and the best part is I live within twenty minutes of a major metropolitan area. Well, our small town has a mayor. Cool. Our small town also just opened up their very own public library in a new location (our library used to be contained in an beautiful old house but not very ADA). Cool.

My Monday was so busy, like most moms. All the usual stuff. I worked out in the morning, worked on signs, did housework, paid some bills. I did NOT shower, put on any makeup, put my contacts in, run a brush through my hair ? ( I used my hoodie to hide my bad hair day). I had to pick the kids up from school because they don't allow science fair boards on buses. So I'm there, hoodie up, signing kids out and as we're leaving I get this crazy idea that we should go visit our new library. Now, this might have something to do with the fact the my wonderful husband has been MIA since last Friday...working OT and taking his license renewal classes all weekend. I was dreading the nightly grind of homework and dinner making so a trip to the library sounded perfect and relaxing.

We arrive and I give the kids the whole, "Now, we're at the library and you need to use quiet voices," speech. We go in and there are only a few other patrons and it's not a very large library. We take our seats in the raised childrens' section and the kids proceed to peruse the books. Up walks a gentlemen, I think very happy to see children in the new library. He says something like, "I hear happy voices over here." And I assume the, eyes downward, please don't look directly at me, you might melt, position. But up he walks arm outstretched, "Hi, Rob Stearley, welcome to our library."

Me: Ummm, uhhh, hi, Mayor.

Yes, I'm in my workout clothes, unwashed and unkempt, HOODIE DOWN and all I can think is that I'm so glad he didn't walk up to me while I was trying to nurse the baby!!!!! (I use a cover, but still). I didn't recognize him with his glasses on. I was so embarrassed, but I can't help but wonder, doesn't our mayor have anything better to do on a Monday afternoon than sit at a library, read the newspaper and greet people. Hmmm.

I resolve to never leave my house without combing my hair ever again.

Have a great day.
PS I love that our mayor is getting sworn in in a leather jacket in this picture. Sheesh. Maybe he didn't think I looked half bad after all. I also love that in the case of a deadlock vote our mayor is chosen by LUCK of the DRAW. I think it's whoever chooses the higher card, it happened in 2004, NO JOKE! 7 of diamonds and a 10 of hearts

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And the chaos ensues...

I guess I first need to start off by saying that the WHOLE reason I began this video was so I could catch Jonah doing the baby gurgle vibrate lip was soon evident that the kids had other things in mind. But I DID catch it...towards the end of the video...if you listen closely and I think I got it once on camera too. Sheesh

Here are four reasons that it has been a bit difficult for me to be creative lately (other than the wedding invites). I guess five if you include the laundry pile on my couch. My crazy house and my crazy kids. I love my so called life!!!!

Soon I'll have to regale you with my tale of meeting the mayor yesterday. Woe is me.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Flashback Friday

Okay, so it has been SO hard to get back into creating. Yesterday I helped my friend begin to make her 300 wedding invitations. We made a considerable dent...ran out of black paper at about 9 last night and I came home. Hopefully we'll finish them up tonight. They came out very polished and perfect for her. I like the idea of a Flashback Friday (esp because it doesn't require that I make anything new at this point) Smiles. So here's an oldie but a goodie.I did this lo for Tessa. It's based on a blanket that I made for her before she was born. I just cut out the petals free form and added the buttons. She was three when this pic was taken. So sweet.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Little A

I was going through pictures today. I'm making a "slide show" for Jakob's baptism in a couple of weeks...and I came across this one. Made my heart flutter.Where oh where has my little redhead gone? He's gone and grown up on me. He'll be turning four in just a few months and I'm just so darn's all happened so fast. My honry little booger.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

This Man...

Why can't he smile correctly in a picture? I just wanted to say going into this new year...soon to be year ten for us that I love this man, with all my heart and soul. I love how hard he works for our family. His dorky sense of humor. That he is always willing to help others. His sense of "style" uh hem. His creativity. Of course, I don't LOVE everything about him yet, but I guess I only have time to learn. Have a great day everyone and happy New Year!