Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer White

I couldn't get this to photograph right on my's just a big white blob. Here are some close ups. I'll start taking orders anytime...hahaha. I just feel my creative juices flowing everytime I make one of these. I get to use all of my little doo dads and old shirts and pieces of fabric as well as ribbon. It's definitely a jumble of ephemera on there. So fun! Loving the rain we're having right now. Have a great day!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's Tutti Frutti.

I really can't stop myself. Tessa said this one is her favorite yet. I'm becoming better at placing and making cleaner bands. I may just have to open up a shop to sell these addictive creations. What d'ya think? Have a great summer Saturday!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Be afraid...

be very afraid. Doesn't he look terrified? I love my hubby.

Beach Again!

Been away for a while. We had such a grand time. I'm already cookin' up some creations for the blog but summer fun with the kids comes first. Hope you're having a super summer!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Aaron Graduates pre-school!

Here's my little guy going up to receive his diploma and certificate declaring it officially "Aaron Buck Day" a day he now shares with the rest of his graduating class...SMILE!

Here's Aaron with his teachers...Mr. Chris and Ms. Darlene. Tessa had Ms. Darlene when she attended Parky's Pals a few years ago.
Yes, it's supposed to say Parky Pals not "Parkly Pals"

Kate's baptism...card

I made up my super special baptism dress card for Kate...and a pair of simple earrings.
Tessa's is about 10 months younger than Kate but they've always been close.
Aaron definitely has some favorite people...Elsa there just reminds me so much of Tessa at a younger age.

Melissa graduated this year

I can't believe our niece, Melissa, graduated from HS this year. She was so cute when she held my wedding dress train 11 years ago and now she's all grown up.

Jakob and Tessa's Last day of School

These two both had great years. Tessa is surely going to miss her teacher...she was amazing.