Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Disguising Turkeys 101

Aaron's teacher sent home the funnest family project the other day. We were given a turkey cut out (which I traced so that we'd have two turkeys) and told to Disguise Tom Turkey so he wouldn't be caught for Thanksgiving! Aaron took some time thinking about what he wanted his turkey's disguise to power ranger, turtle, batman, and then he got settled on a dragon. Tessa picked the theme of the other turkey and we were surprised to see a turkey turn into a mermaid. I helped the boys with the dragon and Travis helped Tessa with her mermaid. The kids had a blast for FHE and we got some creative juices flowing again. I love getting my hands dirty with paper and glue...SO FUN! Try it with your family...I'd love to see what disguises your turkeys end up with! Have a great day.

Tessa designed the ocean scene beside her mermaid all by herself.Jakob drew, colored and cut out the fire for the dragon to breathe.


Jana said...

What a fun activity. I love all of the turkeys. I am sure they will be safe this Thanksgiving. :)

Tera said...

Cute. Ben wanted to turn his turkey into a knight. It turned out pretty well.