Thursday, April 23, 2020

Wayne Thiebauld Sweet Drawing Lesson

A Sweet Sweet Painting: Wayne Thiebaud
a lesson by visiting teacher Soo Song
Wayne Thiebaud is an American painter who is living in California. He is very famous for painting sweet treats such as cakes, pies, ice cream cones, gumball machines, and candy. Many of his sweet treat paintings are related to his childhood memories of bakeries and diners. He says, “you take a lemon meringue pie. It’s quite a beautiful thing…it’s more than just a subject, it’s also a kind of relationship to the paint itself. You really feel like you’re sort of making the meringue and…working with the pie”. 
Watch this YouTube video. You can learn more about his artwork.

Here are some of his paintings:

Wayne Thiebaud arranged the desserts like bakers do for a window display. The desserts are drawn
multiple times. He drew shadows for each dessert. The shadows make the desserts look like they are
on top of a flat surface.

Art Activity For K‐3rd Grade Students
Do you like gumball machines? I bet you do. Let’s make your own gumball machine.
Material: yogurt lid, coins, pencil, eraser, crayons or markers
Watch the video below. It will tell you how to draw a gumball machine.

Teacher Example 

Art Activity For 4‐6th Grade Students
Materials: paper, crayons, markers, or watercolor paint.
1. Imagine that you are at a famous bakery. You smell the sweetness of the desserts in
the shop. You see a gumball machine in the right corner of the shop.
2. Pick a sweet dessert that you want to draw. (If you would like to draw a gumball machine, click the Youtube link above.)
3. Draw the dessert you chose four times.
4. Color the four desserts you drew with different colors.
5. Draw the shadow of the dessert like Wayne Thiebaud did.

Teacher Example

Thanks Soo!
Don't forget to email your art to Mrs. Buck or post it on instagram. 
Always keep creating!

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