Sunday, May 03, 2020

Picasso Bouquet of Peace for Mother's Day

This above artwork was created by Pablo Picasso in 1958. It is called "Bouquet of Peace".
In the artwork, it looks like one person may be handing another a bouquet or a bunch of flowers.
There are many different types of LINES in this artwork. There are horizontal lines, verticle lines, diagonal lines, thick lines, and thin lines. All of these lines come together to make a beautiful picture.
We are going to trace a line around our hand to make a picture like Picasso's.

Picasso believed in promoting harmony among all people, which is what the two hands holding the flowers symbolize. Picasso painted chunky hands that grip the flowers tightly. Various interpretations come from this painting of two people holding a bouquet of flowers. One person may be passing it to the other or two individuals may just be holding the bouquet symbolically. Whichever the case, the Hands with Flowers represent sharing, love, and friendship. Flowers have always had a positive feeling attached to them. They are used to show gratitude, love, and joy, among other sentiments. By drawing the painting for the peace movement in Sweden, Picasso was encouraging people to stay good to one another even with the turmoil going on at the time. The two hands signify unity while the flowers evoke cheerful emotions. The white background allows the bold colors of the flower petals to jump out of the painting.

Supplies you will need: 
A marker or pen to trace around your hand
Colored or patterned papers
Please watch this short video from Mrs. Buck to see how to make your own painted paper for this project, MAKE YOUR OWN PAINTED PAPER
You can also use magazine pages for pretty colored papers or patterned papers you like
A green marker or crayon for the flower stems
Video on how to make the handheld flower bouquet
You will begin by tracing around your hand while it rests on the paper.
Next, you will draw the stems that look like they are in the hand.
Gather your patterned or painted paper.
Cut out flower shapes from the papers.
Glue the flowers cut-outs to the tops of the stems.
If you would like to, write "Happy Mother's Day" on your artwork.
Don't forget to sign your name. The artist must always sign their artwork.
I hope you had fun creating this work of art using lines and the collage method of art. 
You can always email me a picture of what you are working on.
Keep creating and have a great day.

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