Sunday, August 26, 2012

Albuquerque Color Run

Remember that layout I did about being a "Runner". Well I'm trying. On Saturday morning I woke up LATE because my alarm didn't go off at 5:30 like I had set it and rushed out the door to make it to this race. It's a 5k fun run and I mostly enjoyed it :)

We waited for quite some time to start "racing".

Throughout the run their are color stations where you are squirted with brightly colored cornstarch (I liked this part because I got to slow down a bit).
That's myself, Danielle, and Laurel.
The last leg of the run was really hard for me and I wanted to walk oh so badly but Laurel wouldn't let me. She's amazing! (she ran a half without even gearing up for it...just did it).

And at the very end of the race they have this awesome "Color Festival" where everyone pulls out the color packet they received and throws it! Can you tell that I had red and Laurel had pink? 

internet picture
Great way to get out there and exercise. Seriously, maybe in two weeks at the Dirty Dash I won't have to slow down...yeah right...I can dream though. We finished in 33 minutes and that's even with me stopping for a potty break in the middle :).
Have a great Sunday!


Melissa D. said...

Congrats Misty! That looks like so much fun! Way to go! (And you are totally a runner:)

Annette Allen said...

oh man that looks like so much fun...

tndj said...

My niece in WI did the color run too and she looked about like you when she finished.