Wednesday, June 03, 2009

So long, not farewell.

So Jakob has cub scout day camp this week. The kids and I spent the day up there yesterday, I have today off and then I'm back up there Thursday and Friday. They had so much fun at the tot spot while Jakob enjoyed archery and making "fossils" with plaster of paris. Everyone wanted to sleep in today...Tessa's usually the first to rise. I will be posting crafty stuff room is still in a shambles due to painting and other reorginization stuff. Take care. Have a great day!


The Morris Family said...

I love how Aaron wakes up!

Jamie Lyn said...

that is so cute! i wish i could wake the boys up nice and calm it turns into a big yelling match at the gerhart house!!!

michelle said...

kids are so sweet and cuddley when they wake up....and 5 mins later they're full of energy!!