Thursday, July 09, 2009


We had FHE in the park with some friends and had a great lesson on Ammon and some yummy watermelon for a snack.

1st pic: the kiddos minus the babes
2nd pic: the gals hangin' on for dear the sky
3rd pic: Larry and Tessa hangin' contest...note Tessa's pants...get a belt on girl!
4th pic: Jonah enjoying the roller with daddy
5th pic: Travis did three pull ups in a row TWICE. I, however, couldn't even do one...story of my life
6th: Aaron, lover of life, keeping up with the big kids!

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KJ said...

Hi friend! I just popped in to say Hi! & how are things??? I LOVE the photos of your gorgeous family, but I have to say I am floored at how tall Jonah has gotten. Wow! time sure is flying on by!

I think of you often but am a shocking blogger right now.