Saturday, July 31, 2010

What I miss

You know what I miss during the long summer months...
Get to WORK ladies. I need to know what's going on in your lives (that means you too Jenn).

I spent the day getting fire wood. We heat our home solely by wood stove. Oh what a weary day it was, but I feel great.
Got stuck in the mud...unhitched the trailer...grunted and pushed and got unstuck...grunted and pushed and felt like she-ra...trailer re-hitched...took a five mile hike to make sure the other "ROAD" was passable...ate sandwiches and cherries...drove in to the our "deck" of wood which consisted of a 20 foot high pile of logs...fired up the chainsaw...walked back and forth up a hill of logs...loaded up the wood...kept watching the sky because rain was acomin'...high tailed it outta there...forded a few streams in our Ford and got a little sun burnt...all in a good days work. FOR 1/2 a CORD OF WOOD!
Next time there will be sunblock...and no trailer attached.
Have a great summer!

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