Monday, May 13, 2013

Bare Wood Wall Decorations

I'm so happy with my new wall decorations. I sliced up a stick of wood into pieces. Then I painted the centers with some aqua paint. I gave each of my children a piece of the wood to draw
anything they wanted to. These are the resulting masterpieces ;)

Tessa 10: Love Bird

Aaron 8: Wild Bunny

Jonah 4: Daddy, Mommy and Jonah all tucked into their beds.

Jakob 12: Flower craze (this one suprised me ;))

I drilled a hole in the each of the wood pieces and then strung them all together with a lenth of twine.
A personal snapshot of my kiddos art in a matter of minutes. :)
Have a great week!


Lalo said...

SO sweet! LOVE the look of it all together :)

Kim Watson said...

The wall look beautiful, but I have to say that lamp. It droolworthy!! Sigh... I have been searching for fabric like that to recover an old chair but alas in the middle of no where here down south, fabric like that is as scarse as hens teeth :)
PS: I got your sweet card today. THANK you so much. You are a darlin'! Loving the ombre vibe for the title. Very cool!