Sunday, September 09, 2007

Girl's Night Out!!! Yahooooeeee!

So we haven't had a girl's night out in a while and I was so excited. We all hopped into Amber's minivan, yes a bunch of moms in a minivan out for a night on the town. Amber suggested Orchid Thai. I had never had Thai food before and was a little leery at first. It was pretty "scrumptious" (eh, Nicole, I can use big words too). I wasn't too big on the beef strip salad though, too much cilantro for me. The coconut milk soup was REALLY good. Yummy. After dinner we went bowling. We're horrible, all except Tiffany who swamped us all, her score was more than double all of ours! Sheesh. I was just glad we actually got a lane with how busy it was there. Then on too....why yes, we kept going...on to dessert at the 66 diner. Yummy. Our new friend, Lindsey, from Chicago tried her first bite of green chile...and liked it. So here are some pics. I tried to get some funny pics of everyone eating cuz you know...I just wanna be like my hubby. That hot fudge cake was amazingly good.
And yesterday morning we woke up to wonderful fog. It was so awesome. I had to run outside and take some pictures. The first thing I noticed were all the spider webs so I got some cool shots... and one of our kitty TomCat cuz it's cool.


Lacey said...

I LOVED the fog too!

kathleenh said...

Fun photos. It looks like you had a great night out! We all need that once in awhile.

Nicole said...

I had such a fun time! I love the pictures you take!

shelbell said...

Hey girlie! Looks like fun, you gotta love girl's nights. I are indeed as young as you feel! Thanks for the reminder.

Michelle :)