Sunday, November 18, 2007

Layed Back Nuptials, Little boy blue

I've had two baby showers and a wedding reception in the last two days. I just have to say that I was REALLY suprised when we walked into the reception last night as I scanned the small crowd for the bride and groom. I couldn't for the life of me see them in the dimmly lit cultural hall. No woman in white, no black suited groom. Finally I caught sight of the groom talking with his mother and he was garbed in holey jeans and a t-shirt, my eyes moved to her, same thing, jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing too fancy for this soiree. I immediately felt overdressed in my skirt and heels as did my husband in his shirt and tie. His parents were even more dressed up. I've been to plenty of receptions and many where the bride was wearing a simple dress and not a full on wedding gown, but never had I imagined a bride and groom being able to take their nuptials so casually. Have any of you ever had a similar experience?

So sorry for my absence.

I made the card I'm posting for a little boys birthday. The J man and I wanted to ask for everyone's prayers...he's been really sick every since his birthday. Take care my little peanut. Used Toy Box and sentiment inside is "hope your birthday's outta this world".


Tracey said...

((((((HUGS ))))) for the little guy - hope he is much better soon,and no I have never heard of anyone being so casual about their dress at their wedding before I guess it doesn't matter as long as they are not as casual about their vows XXX

Deborah said...

Sounds like an interesting evening you had! Hope the little guy feels better soon! Deb

D said...

I have never been to a reception that casual before either. It would have been nice if they let you know in the invitation how casual it would be so that you could have dressed more comfortably too.

the little man is in my prayers. Hope he feels better soon.

Peta said...

Hope the little guy is better soon, i bet it's a birthday he will never forget..Love that card it's just too cute..

pescbrico said...

Prayers done for this little boy. No, I have never been to a Jeans wedding... I would have been overdressed too! :)
Nice little card!

Samantha said...

{{{HUGS}}} to your little peanut. I hope he feels better soon!

I love the card! Another great creation :)

I've never been to a casual wedding reception other than my own!! I wore my dress to take pics and do the whole first dance thing, but after that, all bets were off! I slipped into a nice blue summer dress and partied-on :)

Jenn D said...

I've never been to a wedding were jeans and t-shirts were worn. To each his own I guess.

Your card is too cute. I have never thought to stamp the tatoo kit on anything but my kids. Great idea!

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