Friday, October 09, 2009

I've got two teeth!

I adore this pic of Jonah, I've posted it before, but now I've scrapped it! He's had two teeth since the age of 8 months AND THAT'S IT! Just last week he started to get his fangs on the top...I think Aaron did that too. I'm so happy to have scrapped and that I got to do it among friends! Hope you're all having a great day!


michelle said...

my eyes are having an orgasm! i love the color combo, the scalloped yellow makes it pop. Jonah is a cutie. can you believe that all my kiddos have every single tooth before they're even a year old, molars and all.....that's why i can't have anymore babies!love ya

llegue said...

So it's probably not neccesary to ask whether it was good for you. See Misty....she wasn't faking!

michelle said...

jenn- you punk;) love ya! i don't know how to fake. need i even say that jim was working nights back then?? who was up all night and still sane the next day while jim was in's no wonder how those kids are still alive;) and me too.