Monday, October 04, 2010

Teeny Baby Photo Shoot

This little girl seems so small to me...all of my babes were over 8 lbs. It was fun to get out there and shoot some photos again.
I'm not sure on which one to use as an announcement...Ultimately it's not up to me but they're all so cute!So stinkin' sweet. She was only asleep for like five minutes so I was happy to get this shot.

She just looks like HEY, whatcha lookin' at. Have a great day!


D said...

I should have you take photos of my huge 2 month old. :)
We'll be around Friday- do you need help with zone conference stuff? Though with my three boys we may not be as much help... :) But I'm willing to try.

D said...

When would be a good time to stop by the chapel?