Saturday, October 16, 2010

Up to fun.

Tessa and I had a day hangin' at the mall...yeah, she's only 7...and she loves the mall...wanna know why?!?!? So did I, so I asked her and she told me that she likes going to the mall because, "there's a candy store in it and a pet store where you can see kitties." Awesome, I love it.
Here's Aaron's Kindergarten artwork of his body parts. I love that he's so colorful on his arm and look at that cute finger.
Oh my goodness? Could I love this munchkin anymore. Dear Jenny took Jonah to the library and he created this beautiful leaf art.
Had to add Jakob in there participating in his favorite past time. EATING...ME...OUT...OF...HOUSE...AND...HOME!
The kid just won't stop growing. At 9 years old he is close to 5' 5" more inch and he's as tall a me!!!!


Lacey said...

I have never had so much trouble keeping my food storage up. I buy the same as I always have (and had plenty to spare), but we use it up constantly! Taylor is eating like crazy.

Cute kiddos you've got there. Jonah is so big.

D said...

Those are the most perfect reasons for Tessa to love the mall. Love it!