Saturday, November 06, 2010

Jonah turns 2...again...kinda...sorta

So, you may have heard that somehow all of Jonah's pictures from his second birthday were deleted. I was devestated. I just found out earlier this week and, yes, it's been a month since he turned two but we had ourselves a little re-birthday for my baby. I can't have him being my only child without pictures for his b-day. I know that may seem a little extreme but I felt so bad and every one had fun and got to enjoy cake and ice-cream again. I'm debating on wether or not I'll tell him whe he gets older. I want my kiddos to know that they are the most important things to family. PLUS we were so busy last birthday he had a store bought cake and this time around I got to make one special for him.

Even found the original bag and toy from Gramy and Grampy...I amaze myself. Have a super day!

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