Thursday, December 09, 2010

Traaaansfomation, Traaaansformaation

Have you ever seen the movie "A Bug's Life"? Whenever I do a remake project like this I always think of the moth in the Chinese take out box..."Traaansformaation" but I digress. I saw these sweet looking dears (play on words). Pair of deer and I thought they had potential...They're pretty tacky no?...I guess many people wouldn't think so but I'm not into shiny gold deer with holly.
Got out my can of trustycan of Rustoleum Heirloom White and sprayed those puppies down.
I then added some jute type trip and some fabric rosettes. Also added in some cranberry red beads for holly berries.
Finished it off with a hemp twin bow and I think they look pretty amazing. They're welcome at my buffet anytime. Have a great day. Linking up to TEA ROSE HOME and the SHABBY CHIC COTTAGE

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VanillaBean said...

They look great!