Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The big 3 - 4!

So, my birthday has come and gone. Started out wonderfully with breakfast in bed made by two very special chitlins.
Dinner at Fuddruckers with the fam. I had a mushroom swiss burger and fries with cheddar cheese sauce. Travis got me the cutest card and made up reasons for the Milky Way and Almond Joy he gave me...like "I was outta this world" and "He's nuts for me". SO SWEET! Also got my favorite from Vicotoria's Secret...LOVE SPELL.
No birthday cake for me...I enjoyed frozen yogurt at LOVE frozen yogurt. Super yummy. I really enjoy their Taro flavor and their sugar free/fat free chocolate.
Tessa loved the glass tiles. It was a wonderful birthday. Also had a great time with the gals this weekend which included some much needed gab time and a personal footrub from Laurel!!!!

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llegue said...

Dude! Two burgers and two yogurts in the space of two days. I want to beyou!