Friday, July 29, 2011

I Ruff You! Treat Container

I have a confession to make...I bought a HUGE container of CREAM PUFFS. I know, I'm horrible, but LOOK what I got to make with the empty container!!!! I found that bone tag on deep clearance at HL and I knew just what I wanted to do with it. (Thor looks pretty hilarious in this picture). I distressed it with sanding paper before adhering it to the lid.
Our little doggie THOR (my husband named him...I think he was being ironic) got his very own treat container. With his picture and everything. The kids love getting out Thor's "treat box" and shaking it in front of him. He totally knows that there are goodies inside! The 12x12 paper wasn't quite long enough to fit ALL the way around the container so I improvised.
Go turn something that may be headed to the recyclers into a useful thing! Have a great day.


Moonegirl said...

It is not horrible if you ate them all in one sitting, and then up cycled the box. It's just plain thrifty! Super cute idea!

Moonegirl said...

It can't be horrible! Even if you ate them all in one sitting , you up cycled the container! Super cute idea! All guilt removed.