Friday, May 04, 2012

Fun Friday Food-Cheetos

Banana Frown
A few weeks back my kiddos had their friends over for a play date. Normally we don't have Cheetos or even chips in the house but these were left over from a boys camp out-perfect time to use them ;)

Here they all are lined up and ready to be devoured. Home made peanut butter and home made peach jam with a banana mouth, cucumber eyes and cheeto hair.
Banana smile
This one even had a built in nose!

Ahhh, nothin' better than lunch by the sandbox. 
Okay, you're outside...go ahead and play with your food.


Annette said...

aww you are such a fun mom...these are so cute..

MommyManderz said...

Misty, you're the best! Totally pinning to my creative food ideas board on Pinterest ;)