Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wild Flowers In My Garden

I have been changing the landscaping around my house for 11 years!!! It's still a work in progress but a whole lot better than mud and weeds which is what it was when we moved in.

Mexican evening primrose trying to take over. I have to spray everywhere so it doesn't leave it's home ;)

My shasta daisies re finally beginning to bloom. YAY! and my Queen Anne's Lace is running wild. Galardia in it's oranges and reds is one of my faves. 

The very first pears we've ever had on our seven year old trees. LIVE, please live.

Irises yellow purple and dark purple!

Love my holly hocks. All of my California poppies are closed in these pics because the sun is setting.

Hey Mr. Bumble Bee

I need to plant something in this pot

I'm trying this new type of holly hock with a ruffled bloom. LOVE.
 Have a great week and take some time to enjoy the out of doors!!!


Michele Duffy said...

LOVE your garden pics! At my house in Pennsylvania we used to have a wildflower garden. I loved how each year it looked a little different as different flowers reseeded themselves!

Stephanie U said...

Thanks for this post! I am going to have to remember it for when we plant flowers in our backyard soon. We had some of the yellow ones in your first picture, but we had to pull them to till the dirt and add an extra terrace to the back.

Paulette, Jvona & Rachel said...

Gorgeous! I'd love some of your hollyhocks seeds if you're willing to part with them.