Monday, June 18, 2012

Thrifty Mother Load Monday

I seriously hit the jack pot at the Salvation Army today. I'll let you guess how much I spent ;).

Oh, oh, oh these shoes are in such great condition. At first I thought the gold ones might be a bit tacky but I tried them on and I really liked them. The gladiator sandals are LIKE NEW leather. I may have to find another home for them though because I'm not sure I like things around my ankles like that.

Tessa is paying me back for this silk parasol that she just HAD TO HAVE!

These dumbbells have 5lb weights on them and he threw in four 2 1/2 pounders and 2 more 5 pounders. 

Water bottle with strap for our next hike. A fun winter cap and two clip on ties for Aaron

Three pair of church pants for Jakob (including Gap and  a upscale brand ). Also a pair of Aeropastale jeans that fit him so well.

Three like new shirts and a designer pair of jeans for Tessa (for the fall).

A NEW WITH TAGS dress for me. (maybe paired with the gold heals?)
So THE GRAND TOTAL for all of this
Can you believe it? More than I usually spend but still WHAT A DEAL!!!!!
I hope you can find some amazing deals too!
The most expensive thing  that I purchased was the weights. Those were $10.00. The parasol was $2.00 but  I'm getting reimbursed for that ;).
Everything else was pretty much .50 cents and item except the miscellaneous things which were cheaper.


Amber S said...

Holy smokes, Misty! That is awesome!!! You should work on commission - I would seriously pay you to shop for me at those prices!!

Marcie said...

I absolutely LOVE the gladiator sadals!!! If you don't want them, I will buy them from you for my girls!!! Seriously!!! You do so great at finding things for my girls....I will send you sizes!!! Anything you can find in a size 6 or 7 pants would be great! shirts 7-8 for Chloe! You already know my girls wear a size 3 pants. one is short, one is long legged! I WANT A SALVATION ARMY STORE!!!

Becci said...

Those are some crazy deals!!! :)

Annette said...

wow what a great collection of go girl...