Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lego Minifig Shark Cake Birthday

The cake that the boy requested complete with shark (bath/swim toy) and deep sea diver lego minifigure. You should have seen me feeling up those packages of legos to find the one that had the diver in it! Jonah picked out THIS CAKE and I tried my best to replicate it with my uber lacking cake making skills. I had the hardest time finding a shark to go on top too until I stumbled upon this pool toy on clearance at Target. WOOT.

Yup, there are no more babies here. I have a four year old. Time has just gone by so quickly. He sure is a lovable handful. He definitely makes my days full.

In keeping with the shark theme of his birthday I made a shark card using the Stampin' Up Silly Sealife set.

He make my heart melt. He got new church clothes and a hot wheels race track for his birthday.
Some fun facts obout Jonah.
He loves trains and cars.
He is not really afraid of anything unless it's the Monster House movie
 (he was hiding behind the chair for that one).
He loves his friend Nathan
He would eat tortillas every day if he could.
He is pretty mischievous when it comes to finding mommy's stash of chocolate.
He's learning to say the "s" sound on words so instead of "cooter" he'll say "scooter".
He has pretty awesome dance moves.
He's my only child to ever have stitches.
He lost both his big toe nails from a 5 mile hike we did and he never complained about it.
He loves his brothers and sister and tries to do everything they do.
He likes to use my punches and create confetti storms with the shapes.
He's got rolling his eyes at me down pat.
He is having a great time at pre-school two days a week.

Hope your day is super sweet!


Annette said...

now that is just too cake...

Happy Birthday to Jonah..

Van Nguyen said...

Happy birthday, Jonah! Hopefully you and Charlotte can eat tortillas again together someday. Tell your mom iadore her. Xoxo.

Deb said...

Awww, what a great post and what a cake! That is fantastic, so much thought and creativity went into it!
have a great weekend, Debxx