Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life and Lunch

I try to send my kiddos to school with healthful lunches. Homemade items or fun little cheese shapes...I don't want them to get bored of getting a "sack" lunch. I sent hummus with pita chips yesterday as a side and my kids came home complaining that all of their classmates were "grossed out"...told them it "looked disgusting" and all kinds of other negative comments. I feel bad for my kids being made fun of but I feel even worse for the kids that are missing out on great food!
My second grader did say that a few of his classmates tried it and said "yum". I guess beyond second grade you get less adventurous.
Maybe I'll send them with home made sushi next week! Hah


Amy said...

Ha! My oldest is in second grade and she loves to bring pita and hummus for lunch!

Cathryn said...

That salad looks pretty yummy!!!!

Annette said...

that looks like a great salad...bring it on over... :)