Monday, December 03, 2012

Paper Fire Snowflakes and an Upcylcled Noel

Been so busy decorating around here and moving my mom into her new place that I haven't had any time to get my scrap on. I have, however, gotten my craft on ;).
Every year our whole family makes paper snowflakes for family home evening and I save them (flat in a box with the ties still on) so that I can hang them around the house.

My kids told me their favorite is "daddy's fire snowflake". I have to say, it's pretty darn cool.
The amaryllis is blooming! (Thanks Mom) 
I saw this "Noel" on Pinterest and I tried my hand at my own version. I still might change up the E but I really like my scrap wood NOEL. I found the wreath at the thrift store for .50 cents. It had some purple berried bunches along with what's on there now. I took those off and gave the whole wreath a dusting of Heirloom White spray paint. Then I went back in and added some silver glitter. The "E" was done using a mask and the same spray paint. I kind of want it chunkier.
And with my quail bookends.

Finished decorating the tree last night. The kids were so happy and each day that passes 
Jonah asks, "Did Santa came yet?"
Hope your beautiful holiday is shaping up to be something special for your family.


DeAnn Payne said...

So where's the picture of the fire snowflake? That's a fun tradition. I love the way your Noel turned out it looks super cute! If you want it chunkier you could glue something to the back of it to make it stand out more like cut a wood block out the same size and glue them together or whatever. It looks really good though!

Annette said...

oh my word your decorations look amazing... such beauty...