Monday, April 07, 2014

More home remodel "PROGRESS" tearing out wall tile.

Seriously, it's like one step forward, two steps back over here.
 It all started on Saturday when I decided that the cobalt blue tile had to go. 
It was bringing my kitchen down man ;).
I have loved that tile for since we installed it years ago, but it is too dark for the new kitchen.
So, what happens when you try pulling tile off of your drywall...THIS!
It literally ripped pieces of the wall off and we had to cut out the entire section of wall to the studs.
So now I have to buy some 3/8" drywall and put it up before my vision can be realized. Sheesh.
The only good thing is that I won't really have to tape and texture because my vision involes
Interestingly enough that's what this wall started out having. You can see that I never changed it out behind the stove. It's REALLY lovely (gag) country pink and blue...everybody's favorite.

Hope your weekend is shaping up to be amazing.
General Conference for my church was so uplifting. Getting to listen to that while working on my house AND having my husband home for the weekend was pretty awesome.
Stay crafty my friends and pray for me...
living in this chaos is getting old.


Annamaria Weaver said...

Misty, we used bead board for our wall rather than wall paper...cleans off so much easier. Come over and check ours out to see if you like it or not :)

Anonymous said...

The cabinets look awesome and so does the wall! Can't wait to see how it all looks completed. It will be so nice to sit back and enjoy it when it's all done, such a good feeling. You're awesome!

Annette Allen said...

wow looking good.. so fun to remodel..