Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Making and Evolution of a Fairy Garden

I was feeling pretty crummy today so I decided to do something crafty with the kids.
I've seen those fairy gardens all over the place and thought that would be a great Sunday activity to get the whole family involved in.
We started with a big rock as our fairy house (we may get something different because it was hard to come up with a roof for this one. Finding flat stones, we created a path.

Then we found some dried out stems out in the garden and clipped them down.

The fun part was finding round rocks that resembled mushroom tops. I painted them red and added white dots. The "stems" are made with round elongated stones.

It's shaping up.

This "stump" is a hollyhock stem that had a little hole in it. I glued some other stems to it for bulk.

the fence was created by cutting down dried out stems and connecting them with cross pieces.

Added in some Spanish Moss that's been in my craft area forever.
Tess HAD TO HAVE a swing. So some snipped stems and a little twine later our fairy has a swing.
We were wanting a stream, but this pot just isn't that big so we had to come up with a bitty pond instead. I used a little sample cup and glued flat stones all around the top of it. Added in some green and blue glass pebbles for water and called it good for now.
I think we'll add another level with a stick ladder leading from the lower pot to the upper. This is so much fun. The boys want to build a mailbox next. 
Our fairy needs a door on her house and maybe the path will be narrowed so we can plant some seeds alongside it. Hope your weekend was wonderful. 
Stay crafty my friends.


Cristine said...

Super cute! My mom has a fairy house at her house for my girls. They love it!



Kim Heggins said...

This is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen! I love your sweet fairy garden, so many fabulous and fun little adorable details. Just too darn cute.