Thursday, December 11, 2014

Five Pointed Origami Star Tree Topper



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I used these video tutorials to make this star. This project was probably the hardest project I've made in the last twelve days, but my tree needed a star.
It probably would have been much easier had I used regular patterned paper instead of cardstock. Cardstock is not so easy to fold :)

I began with a square that was 7" x 7". I realize that my star could have been a bit bigger so if I were to try it again I would probably use a 8" x 8" square.

This little tree makes me quite happy. I love it's non-traditional coloring (my regular tree is traditional). I hope you've enjoyed these last few days with me. 
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Erica Bass said...

All kinds of pretty as usual! Love how the buffet looks.

Iris said...

Such a pretty Christmas tree and your buffet looks awesome. Love the star on the tree and all the hanging snowflakes. Thanks for the treat you are sending. I'll be sending you my snail maid address in a few minutes.
isoscia at aol dot com

HelenM said...

I love the star!! Beautiful!!!

jamie vanskiver said...

Love the star! Thanks for the link. I've really enjoyed the past 12 days and seeing your beautiful creations! Your tree is looks lovely on your beautiful buffet!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday to you and your family:)

Ina Good said...

love buffet gorgeous stars

Sue D said...

Wonderful star and I like your whole set up with the pretty snowflakes.

Nancy Carroll said...

Love the origami, thanks for the tip on 8x8. Love the buffet, your little tree looks awesome. thanks for the offer to send something, will write soon!

Nancy Carroll said...

Sorry, forgot to say how much i have enjoyed your series and am so glad i found your site.

Gaylynn said...

Beautiful star. All of your handmade home decor is lovely. So much creative talent here.