Monday, March 02, 2015

Paper Smooches Gift Tags

On Friday, it snowed a ton here in New Mexico. On Friday, I had to substitute at school. On Friday, I was 10 minutes late to school and had almost gotten into and icy accident. On Friday, the copy machine stapled the two separate tests (for different grades) in a random order. On Friday, I only had four students in one of my 7th grade classes. On Friday, those students took the wonky test and didn't even complain once that they had no clue what the heck the questions were asking!!!
On Friday, I figured out the mistake at the end of the day. Oh boy!

So, on Monday I made these cute little tags for those four students. It was my way of saying, "Thanks for being such troopers and rising to a challenge!"
The BEST THING is that one of the students is obsessed with WALRUSES. What are the chances? I love this PS set!

My Monday was much better than my Friday. :)
I wrote a little note on the back of each tag and told them that our Friday was "Nutty".


Kara Lynne said...

If I were a seventh grader, and you gave me a Nutty Butty that looked like that, I would imprint you in my brain as the coolest teacher ever!! Sorry for the crazy Friday!

Nancy Carroll said...

What a crazy day for you! So much fun what you did for the kids. Adorable!