Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Kitchen Dresser Make Over

So, I've had this dresser for MANY years. I think I paid $20.00 for it at a local thrift store (back before thrift stores started charging retail prices for their furniture).

I liked it okay and it served it's purpose. It holds dish cloths table cloths, potatoes and onions. As well as cook books and a whole drawer of extra spices. I like my extra drawers! 

She was ready for a makeover though. She just didn't feel a part of the new kitchen remodel but look at her now!!!! 
I was trying to decide between these two knobs. 
I ended up going with the carved ones on top. Super fun.

I used the same technique with the dresser top as I have with my kitchen table and the back stairs (which I never blogged about, must remedy that).
I sanded off the whole top of the dresser before I stenciled and applied the stain.
I only primered and painted the rest of the dresser/ no sanding.

The finished product. I know that this isn't a perfect piece, no heirloom, not something that will even stand the test of time but I do enjoy giving a face lift to a nice piece of furniture.
Stay crafty my friends.


Melissa D. said...

It turned out beautifully! Where do you find the time? Love it!

Cathryn Hanson said...

That looks amazing. I love seeing your projects!!

Kim Heggins said...

This is one amazing make really have an amazing vision and I love the way it looks in your kitchen.