Saturday, October 28, 2017

Sixth Grade Classical Columns and Amphorae

We began this lesson by learning about the the three most common column orders. Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. Also delved into Tuscan and composite. We viewed and discussed many of the buildings that they can be found on in history and today (including our local Smith's grocery store which sports Tuscan style columns).
The students were given an 18"x24" piece of sulphite paper and they drew their own capital and column.
After drawing their entire column they were given the choice of brown or gray marker to trace over their pencil lines. They simultaneously traced with the marker and then wet those lines with a paint brush to distress and add interest to their columns.

When they were finished with the columns they had a lesson on the history and use of ancient Greek amphorae. Red Figure and Black Figure were also discussed.
They began by creating half of an amphora shape on folded newsprint. They cut that out and traced it onto watercolor paper. Next they created designs on their amphorae using orange, red or yellow crayons. When they were finished with their designs they used watered down black tempera cake to paint over their entire pot. The final step was to cut out their pots and columns.

They were mounted in the upper school hall.

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