Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Daughter of my Heart

This picture of Tessa and me is sweet so I couldn't resist scrappin' it and telling the world what an angel she is. Well, then this morning at about 6:30am I awoke to Jakob explaining that Tessa spilled all that "shiny stuff" you have on your desk. Shrieking, I ran to my SB desk and sure enough there it was... a whole tub of copper pearl-ex smeared on my table, the floor, my chair. I wish I would have taken that picture but I was just too upset. She spent the next 15 minutes in her room thinking about why not to use mommy's stuff when mommy's not around. How do you replace just one tub of pearl-ex? I bought mine in a pack. Anywho, I guess no more copper accents. HAH! BTW how do you get pearl-ex out of carpet? I used the vaccum on it but there's still traces. Misty

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