Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Simpson's

I laughed for a full minute tonight! It was the Simpson's episode where Lisa's class has to build a diorama and they get judged science fair style by Principle Skinner and Mrs. Crobapple ( I think). Well Ralph ends up winning with his factory sealed mint Star wars figurines because Skinner was drooling over them then he says, "What's a diorama?" Well at the end he's skipping along past Lisa and her new found smart friend and saying, "I beat the smart people, I beat the smart people" he trips and say's "awww I bent my wookie. Then Lisa asks him to join them for a game of ANAGRAM just being the sweet girl she is. He then proceeds to say in his high pitched winy voice, "My cat's breath smells like poop." Now I don't know what that has to do with anything much of what Ralph says is pointless but I have to tell you, we just got a new kitten and it is NOT liking the food we are feeding it because it is smelling up my bathroom. The kids don't even want to hold it because it's a "smelly cat" (think Phoebe from friends). So I went into hysterics. It was just too close to home.

So I got pretty much no me time in today. Working too hard to finish signs and watching other people's children because they're sweeties... but here's a card I really enjoyed making...

I used mulberry paper behind the Hero Arts (?) stamps. used a kaliedacolor pad and a watch crystal to cover the watch face stamp from Rebecca Sower. I also used walnut ink to distress edges. Old card but I still love... so much so that it's still mine! Hehehe.

Also I just love this picture of Aaron. In trouble...pouting... mommy loves him.

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llegue said...

My fave Ralph quote is: "Me fail English? That's umpossible!"