Sunday, May 27, 2007

Beate's Sketch Challenge and my Flower Girl

I made this card for Beate's Sketch Challenge which was very simple and easy to complete. My friend's daughter is having a birthday party tomorrow so I hope she enjoys it. I used SU Very Puny with my SU watercolor crayons to fill in the image. I used my decorative scissors to cut a scalloped border for the image. Handwrote the sentiment and punched it out with the word window.

My daughter, Tessa, was a flower girl in a wedding on Friday and she was too cute! I kept explaining to her how to throw the flower petals out of the basket onto the carpet but she never actually got to practice with a real basket and flowers. So off she went on her own...taking one flower petal out at a time, bending over, and placing the petal nicely on the carpet. It took the two flower girls a while to get down the aisle and the audience was in fits of laughter over her antics. At first I was embarrassed and then I thought about it and I decided, she's four, what do they expect. At least it was a memorable experience!


Kirsten said...

Super cute card, and cute girls!

Jill said...

Awesome! That pig is the reason I gave in a got this as one of my SAB sets. And what darling little girls!