Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tag, I'm it again. HAH!

What is his name? Travis John
How long have you been married? eight years
Who eats more? Oh my goodness, HE does.
How long did you date? Forever, not, well we really didn't date, we were just friends for a year and then he went on a two year mission, came home and asked me to marry him two months later
Who is Older? He is by a few months
Who said I love you first? I'm sure he wrote it in a letter first and then I felt fine with writing it back.
Who is taller? Travis, easily. I'm the short, stout one in this relationsip.
Who sings better? This is not a nice question... although I did get a tape while Travis was on his mission containing a beautiful rendition of "I have a girlfriend here on Earth" sung by Travis and his very willing companion at the time.
Who is smarter? Depends what subject you're talking about...him anything that has parts, me-kids
Whose temper is worse? Definitely, Travis
Who does the laundry? Is this a serious question?
Who does the dishes? Again, I say, "IS THIS A SERIOUS QUESTION?"
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I sleep on the right, always have, always will
Who mows the lawn? Lawn? Oh, you mean the three acres of weeds and yucca we own, well he mows some parts of it.
Who cooks dinner? Me, except on Sundays usually.
Who kissed who first? Holy Majoly, when Travis was officially released as a missionary it was like the spirit of lustful teenager entered his body and took over. Definitely HIM!
Who asked who out? I guess Travis did, in a way.
Who proposed? Travis did, at Christmas time, in front of the Mesa Temple with people everywhere, got down on one knee and everything. So special and I was so stunned. I couldn't believe a RM home for only two months could afford an engagement ring.
Who has more friends? I guess, me.
Who is more sensitive? Travis makes fun of me for crying at the silliest of things, I was reading the Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado to Tessa the other night and couldn't stop the tears.
Who has more siblings? I have one bio and one adopted. He has seven
Who wears the pants? You mean who earns the money or who spends it all? He's definitely the head of this household but I take care of A LOT around here.
Have a great day. We did, at he pumpkin patch.


Helen & Co. said...

Thanks for leaving a comment at my blog! I enjoyed reading this posting - I guess you're Mormon - me too! I get excited at the thought of R.S. sisters in blogland, as there are so few members where we live. Hope you don't mind me commenting,
Helen x

D said...

What a fun tag! It was fun reading more about you. I love those photos from the pumpkin patch too. Can't wait to see the scrapbook pages. :)

Nicole said...

I love the pictures and the question and answer blog. Happy to see you back in the blog land!

Rose Ann said...

Adorable photos! What a fun read as well!