Thursday, March 06, 2008


I just about hate that phrase now. I want a "SPRING DAY". Last night the snow began and it didn't stop for a long time. We got about a foot of snow. The sad thing is is that two days ago we were outside doing yard work in our T-shirts. Ughh! So my plans for today were to go to my dental cleaning at 10:00am...we'll see because that's out here with all the snow and then I have an ultrasound at 1:00pm in town. Hopefully some of the snow will have melted off by then. Living in the country sure has it's drawbacks sometimes, but I love it. The stars at night and the cool summer evenings. Oh yeah, and here's some super exciting news. Our Smith's grocery store remodeled and now there's a Starbucks. We're very shi shi now. My friend, Natalie, who IS a coffee drinker is extremely jealous. The Smith's remodeled because of our other super exciting news. Our very own Super Wal-Mart is opening tomorrow. At first I totally resisted because I was like, "NO, this is small town America, I don't want no stinkin' WM out here!" but then gas prices kept going up and my resolve kept weakening. Sorry, I gave in to the pressure.

Enough about that.

Look at the AMAZINGLY cute card I made. My mojo has definitely made a comeback.

Deelio: Swell News stamp set. Water color pencils (wish I would have used my crayons). American Crafts ribbon. I hand cut the flowers out of the paper.


pescbrico said...

REally great card! If it can be of any confort... we have like about 5 feet of snow here... and expecting some more again this week end!!! Beautiful card!

Sadie B said...

Fantastic card

M@risk@ said...

First of all congrats on your pregnancy. Gorgeous cards and stamp work. Sigh ... all that snow, we don't have that overhere and the boys would love it.

Stamp n Sparkle said...

YAY! Don't you just LOVE it when your Mojo comes back after a looong time missing?? I find when I'm in the mood I should make a bunch of cards - just in case it dissappears again! Haha! Your card ROCKS! The orange and the blue are FAB together!

D said...

Gorgeous card!

I don't miss that snow. It was 70 today here. Yes, you can come and visit. :)

Starbucks makes a very yummy caramel apple cider. Walmart can be wonderful when you just want to hit one store for all of your needs. We loved it for that reason on my mission. It's so nice to get all of your errands done at once! And the prices definitely don't hurt.

toofclnr said...

GOSH where have i been?? i didn't know you were pregnant!! sheesh, call me slow!!! just awesome girl! so happy for you!

Princess Muhmah and The Clan: said...

The new Wal-mart is nice. I think I'll still mostly just hit Target when I'm in ABQ anyway, but it is very nice to have that within 15 minutes.

I think the Starbucks and florist up front in Smith's now make it a bit cluttered, but overall, the store does feel cleaner and fresher after the remodel. It'll be nice to have another drive-thru pharmacy in town to choose from too.