Saturday, February 21, 2009

Project 365: 35,36,37,38,39

Day 35: Jakob probably gets it from me. Books, books, books. These are just the ones on my bedside table.
Day 36: Clouds, when I was little my mom, brother and I ALWAYS had contests to see who could find the coolest thing made from clouds. Don'tcha like that bird right there?

Day 37: Here's a common occurance in our house Thor trying to get in on the lovin'. We adopted this part chihuahua, part miniature pincher three years ago. He's about five and such a good guy. He's always trying to lick you in the face, hence the disgusted look on Jonah's face.

Day 38: Today UPS delivered some freeze dried veggies and fruits I ordered for our food storage. Honeyville farms only charges $4.59 shipping for your TOTAL order, no matter how much you order. Such a good deal.

Day 39: Finally, a girl's night out. We went to a Japanese restaurant called Samuri! What a yummy, delightful evening. I think the mushrooms I ordered on the side were my favorite. Amber brought her little guy, Samuel, he's so sweet.

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