Saturday, February 07, 2009

Project 365: 22,23,24,25,26

February 3, Day 22
I love to bake! These are some of my favorite cookies, Andes Creme de Menth. Yummy. I don't know how I'm ever gonna lose that 20 lbs!

February 4, Day 23: When we got DSL for our home computer, I never could have imagined the changes it would bring into my life. I have met some pretty wonderful women of which I'll be meeting in person next week! YESSSS! Not to mention great recipes sites. I love the www world.

February 5, Day 24: Tessa had to do a project for the 100th day of school. We came up with this really cool idea to make flowers out of 10 beads each, I thought it came out pretty great until later that night when I reread the instructions!!!!! We were supposed to make 10 rows of 10 things and they had to be labeled 1-100. Darn creativity to heck!

February 6, Day 25: Lunch on the go...whenever I have to "go to town" I usually spend the whole day there running errands and it's usually a sure bet I'll be eating something in the driver's seat of my minivan. (What has happened to Taco Bell tacos? When I was a kid they used to be chalk full of stuff!)

February 7, Day 26: Every other week or so I have to fill up the old gas guzzler; 24 miles to the gallon doesn't get you very far. When gas was up it took at least $50.00 to fill'er up, now, thankfully it's around $30.00-$35.00. We paid $1.79/gallon today.
Have a great day!


Fink said...

Those are all great shots!

Kristy said...

I feel so famous! ;)

I seriously can't wait until Friday. SERIOUSLY!

Aaron is standing here looking at the photo of your cookies pretty upset that he can't have one right now.

I'll have to get that recipe. Sounds absolutely LOVELY!

michelle said...

thanks for my beautiful card. i love it!

your cookies look delicious, don't deprive yourself too much of sweets, you can totally loose what you want, i know you girl.

tessa's hundred day beads are cute, to heck with what the teacher wants, right?

i think all companies are down sizing on their products and think the consumer doesn't notice....but we do!

gas $1.89, crazy we were payin twice that just a few months ago. back in the day i remember saying that the second gas is $2/gal im walkin......well:)love ya and your weekly 365 pics!

D said...

I think you need to post the cookie recipe too.

And I agree that Tessa's project is way better than what the teacher asked for. How boring!!!

We found a Burrito shop just down the street from Taco Bell that is sooooo much better and fresher and cheaper (or at least the same price). The only thing wrong with it is it closes at 9 so we still end up getting Taco Bell every once in awhile.

Erica B. said...

That's cool that you get to meet your friend Kristy in person!

I really like the idea of taking a picture of the gas pump. I'll have to borrow that idea.

Anonymous said...