Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chair Project: ReUpholstery 101

So, Tessa has had this little rocker for quite some time. It was okay to begin with and then she decided it needed some color. Hence the green marker and probably some food too. I was at Jo-Anns the other day and I saw this pretty rose fabric on clearance so I grabbed 3/4 yd with this project in mind.
First I pulled out the innumerable staples from the other pad. I then used the old fabric as a pattern for the new chair cover. Look how much cuter already!
I sewed a pillow with loops for the chair back...that was a little frustrating. First I sewed the tabs facing out (so when turned right side out they would be INSIDE the pillow grrrr) RIPPED out the stitching then I sewed the tabs in too far...totally finished...turned it right side out and it wouldn't stretch to hang on the chair GRRRRR. TORE out ALL the stitching once again. Lastly, I made sure the tabs were going to fit AND that they were facing the correct way and got the job done.
Here is the completed project...stapled all pretty (with innumerable staples) and so cute for Tess to rock in and read her favorite book.
Or for Jonah, the crumbmuncher to take over, or for her to read a book to her favorite crumbmuncher.
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michelle said...

love it!!!! it's so fun to do other things than just scrap booking, right?? love ya

Jenn said...

You are so creative!!!