Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Fresh Floral...things I want

I sent a little package to a friend of mine...she lives across the country...I miss her. I made a little card to go with that package. Honestly, mostly scraps laying around on my desk (it was a total mess) but look how cute they all came together.

Things around here are good...gearing up for the spring. Things I'd like to happen this year.
I want a garden with TONS of SNAP PEAS in it this year. I want to can more SPICED PEACH JAM. That was so yummy. I want to figure out a way to KEEP MY BOYS ROOM CLEAN??!?!?!?! I see all of these pictures on the internet of these beautifully clean and orderly kids rooms and I wonder why the heck that can't be my house. I get their rooms clean and they look great...for about three days and then everything starts to go downhill again. I'm a pretty organized person and EVERYTHING has a place so why can't it be put back in that place when they're done. HMMM? Any ideas. I'd want to PAINT OUR HOUSE. It needs it.
Hope you're having a super duper day!
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michelle said...

hey....i recognize that beautiful card! loved recieving it and the care package along with it!

what color will you paint the{outside?} house??