Thursday, April 08, 2010

And a Dresser to Match! Tranformation.

Got this hum dinger of a dresser at the thrift store years ago with the intention of painting it...yeah that happened RIGHT AWAY, not! So I've been using the gosh darn ugly thing as is and I hated it. Whoever painted this thing went to town with the white paint AND the stenciled flowers, ribbons and butterflies (so thick)! It had no knobs when we bought it and I just got some cheapo wood ones so I could OPEN the drawers.
I sanded the drawer fronts down as best as I could (used three WHOLE sheets of 100 grit sand paper just to get to this point) and then added wood putty in the places that needed it. Next step, washing the drawers.
I opened up my still more than half full can of BEHR chocalate swirl and went to town.
Three or FOUR coats later and I get to look at this lovely thing when I wake up. Doesn't it make a world of difference? Really?!?! I also used Krylon's Brushed Platinum spray paint for my cheapo wood'll do unless I find something I totally fall in love with and have to have to open my drawers with. Is that clear as mud? Good! Now GO PAINT SOMETHING. It's life changing.
Have a great day.
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Rockin Momma said...

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michelle said...

love them both!!!!! you're awesome girl.

Katscratchme said...

Gorgeous! That's all I can say.

Cara@TheSheetBoutique said...

Very pretty.

Ann said... the color. I spray painted cabinet knobs on a dresser I redid too--you can also fins knobs cheap on Ebay. Good Job!
ann @ housefinally.blogspot