Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Bed, sweet bed!


I was busy with the children this past weekend, but my ear did hear something afoot. What should I find outside but my dearest hubby building me a bed. It was a pleasant SUPRISE to say the least. We've been using a very old 70's style bed for some around 10 years. I saw the Farmhouse Bed on Anna's site and I fell in love. Next thing you know...Travis has built the head and foot boards in under 2 hours.
Here are the head/foot boards with top rails
Measure twice, cut once...or twice...or three times. THAT was Sunday (Between General Conferance Sessions)

Monday night after the kiddos were all tucked safely in their beds we painted the bed. I had a hard time choosing a first I thought white and then maybe black...but NOTHING in my house is black so I didn't want to go that the end we painted it a rich, deep brown by BEHR called Chocolate Swirl (primer and paint in one)! Then we crashed/let the paint dry (which it did really quickly btw).

Here's the proud papa last night putting all the pieces together (I did my fair share too!)

I'm lovin' it. I think I'll do a little collection of plates above our bed so we'll "have dishes in our bedroom" as Travis said. I have to put the crosstitch my mom made for us somewhere else because it's too big to go above the bed now.
Now on to the dresser. It is going to match my new bed and make my room complete...maybe...maybe not. Travis will probably need to build me some of THESE!!! as my bedside table...Or maybe I WILL!

Sidenote: the cedar chest at the end of my bed was made by my grandfather and painted by my grandmother. It's a terrible shade of turquoise and it doesn't really "fit" but I just can't bring myself to paint over it. My grandma painted a little Indian girl on it with mine and my brother's names. It was our toy box growing up. I really miss my grandparents.


VanillaBean said...

Travis did a great job putting it together. Nice color as well!

Elaine said...

That's amazing!! Love the way it turned out! Lucky you, Misty!! :)

michelle said...

LOVE IT!! awesome job travis. that brown goes great with the color scheme.

Diane said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Does your DH do that professionally?
Love the color you painted it and for your grandmother's chest...I would leave just the way it is also. It looks great the way it is,and if you would change it,the memories wouldn't be the same!!

Krista@ Moms Charmed Life said...

LOVE the bed! Great work.

Marisa T. said...

misty maybe just paint the box and not the lid of the hope chest. and I love the bed!