Monday, May 16, 2011

Aaron has lost his first tooth!

His two bottom teeth have been so loose for more than a few weeks. I told him he needs to kep wiggling them and he has. The other night, right before family prayer, we were all kneeling down in a circle and he showed me how loose his tooth was. I told him to hop up and get a piece of tissue and I would help him get it out. He was really excited and came back with tissue in hand. Travis kept interjecting that all Aaron needed to do was get him a piece of dental floss and it would be out in no time. Have I mentioned before that Travis has traumatized more than one of our children with a piece of dental floss and a door knob. Yeesh. The tooth was still pretty attached to the gum in the front but after a little yank it was out and there were only a few tears shed (mostly due to the fact that Aaron saw a little blood on the tissue). The tooth fairy was nice to Aaron and brought him a dollar (remember when all she brought was a quarter :). He's pretty proud of that gap.
Aaron really needs a haircut :)
To tooth goes in the special tooth fairy box that goes under the pillow!

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