Monday, May 02, 2011

Tessa's 8th Birthday

Tessa turned 8 this April 26th. It's a big birthday for her. She's so excited to be baptized (that came during the weekend). She requested a angel food cake with strawberries. I found a recipe for icing that you mix vanilla pudding in with the whipped topping so I tried that out. Everyone really enjoyed it. Tess also asked for Chicken noodle soup for dinner. I had to make it in the crock pot because Jakob had a performance at the talent show on the same night as well as cub scouts. She loved it. It was also her first night to be able to go to Girl's Achievment (activity days).

Here's the card I made for her. She's really into unicorns and horses right now.

Tessa holding the special birthday plate. I sure hope that thing never breaks.

Blowing out the candles

The best part was that Gramy and Grampy got to be there for her birthday.

We bought this pillow pet for Tessa during Christmas. Put it in the closet and forgot about it. I'm so glad that we waited to give it to her. She was SO happy with it and now brings it to family prayer every night.

Tessa is our only girl. She really is sweet MOST of the time. Very helpful to others and she has a strong sense of empathy. She feels deeply...I think that may be why she can have such amazing tantrums...or maybe that's the girl in her. She is a quick learner. Loves to read and play on the trampoline. She has recently decided that she can't sleep unless the door is open and there is some form of light coming in ( I think this has to do with the fact that Jonah is no longer her roommate, she was fine by herself before he was in her room though). Her favorite color is pink-then purple. She loves Taylor Swift songs. Her hair gets super tangly and is wretched to come after she bathes...she chose to cut it short this last time...I wonder why? She is pretty good about keeping her room clean but has a tendency to shove little bits of papers and other things where they don't belong. She is a super cuddler and frequently asks to get in bed with me in the mornings before it's officially time to "wake up". I love her more than words and am so thankful for her giving spirit. I know she will be a great strength to me.

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