Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Zoo Deal

Why do my children look so terrified?!?!? (well except for the smallest of the small ones (SkippyJonJones reference))
So, I bought a Zoo Pass which also includes the Aquarium and the Botanic Gardens and Butterfly Pavilion as well as concerts at the zoo and whatnot (I believe it was only $79 dollars for the year)
2 Adult: $7 each
4 Kid: $3 each
That would equal $26 for one trip just to the zoo for our family. All we need to do to get our money's worth is go to the zoo less than four times :). Now that's thrifty!
The bonus is we also get a discount on unlimited train rides from the zoo to the gardens. Little J LOVES trains. :)
The kids were out of school last Tuesday for election day and I thought I might get our money's worth out of our pass

Run, it's a cobra!!! I love how Jonah doesn't get it :)

Hey there cute froggie.

Love the lion...he's so loud sometimes.

Gotta feed the ducks!

Watch out for attacking Pea-cocks!!!

I just love how pretty it is there this time of year

They look a little chilly, no? We had a really good time and I got absolutely nothing done at home...perfect day.
Stay thrifty my friends.

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