Saturday, July 07, 2012

Sushi Saturday

I'm finally scrapping this picture I took at Sunflower Market last year. They were handing out free sushi and I had all the kids with me. They all wanted to try. I wondered where they got that from. I was a pretty picky eater growing up but now as an adult I find myself trying new things all the time (I had already enjoyed sushi before this visit to SF). My kids are not afraid to try new things. While my mom was here they even ate pickled herring. That's something I ate as a child but wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole as an adult hahahaha! Curries, Quinoa, Cous Cous, fennel...these are all things that are dietary staples at our house now, but I didn't even know what they were as a girl. Oh and ORANGE is my favorite color!

I used Scrapbook Steals Turquoise #10 sketch by Kristy Lee for this layout.

I'm totally Turquoise now!!! All 10 sketches have been completed. This Thickers Font was awesome for the title.

A little washi sewn on the side there. SWEET! I'm off today to scrapbook the day away with my girly, E!!!! Have a super Saturday!


Annette said...

what a fun layout...Have a great weekend..

Erica B. said...

Great page! I'm excited to scrapbook today :D