Friday, March 08, 2013

Art City Records Contest

Hello out there to all my readers...this isn't my normal scrappy/crafty post but it's totally worthwhile. :)
You see, this young man above used to babysit my kiddos, do yardwork when I was desperate, and sing/play the ukelele for the local senior care facility on occasion. He's currently competing in singing competition. If he wins he'll be able to record a song and have it for sale on itures!!!!! How cool is that.
Soooooooo dear readers.
Go here to listen to him
and then
you'll have to like Art City Records first and then just click on Allen's picture. PS if you click on any of the other pictures first, that's a vote for them. :)

Thank you so much. I think this will be something great that will help him pay for college 
and get him on his way!
Have a super day1

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