Sunday, October 26, 2014

Faux Metal Kitchen Backsplash, Paintable Wallpaper

One of the final projects that we had to tackle was the back splash behind the stove. Here's a little reference of where we began. We first tiled behind the stove back in 2005. I needed to do something because this country pink and blue flowered wall paper was very hard to clean.

Here we were a few short months ago. Cupboards were painted and the tile was quite a dark spot in the kitchen. Enter demo-man (aka my adoring husband).

Just one, teeny, tiny problem. Removing the tile was tearing off the drywall. We ended up having to remove all of the drywall behind the stove and over to the refrigerator.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure I have a picture of just the plain wall, but here it it when we put the first pieces of  wallpaper up. Please don't judge me for still not having painted or textured the wall behind the stove. It's a great reminder of where we've come from ;)

I wanted to use what we had on hand instead of buying those faux tin tiles they carry at home builder supply stores. So, I used the same textured, paintable wallpaper that I used for my cabinet make over that you can see here. I used Krylon's Brushed Nickle Satin Spraypaint to paint the paper panels before hanging them on the wall. It's the same paint I've used on my hardware and pulls and MANY other things around my home ;). It did not take long to dry at all.

At first the seams were quite pronounced (well, they were to me, but not to Travis)

 As the day went on and the glue dried they were hardly noticeable. We also painted the cover plates and receptacles with the same spray. It may or may not hold up over time??? We aren't plugging and unplugging a lot on this wall so hopefully it will last. The metal plates are pricey.

I love how clean and streamlined it looks now. The best thing is is that if I ever want a change we won't be putting holes in the wall!!

Hope your weekend was fabulous. Stay crafty and enjoy the little things. I'm just about done with the house. I have a few more pieces of furniture to paint...including the piano (YIKES!)

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Anonymous said...

I love your kitchen makeover! Very nice!!!