Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Harry Potter Peg Person Chess Set-Bad Side

Here we have the bad side of the chess board. To create these pieces I used a lot of reference pictures. Sometimes it was hard to choose between a younger or older version of a character. Sometimes it was hard to choose which characters would play what part on the chess board.

Dolores Umbridge as the bad queen. Fun to paint pink into this set.

The very ugly Voldemort as the bad king. Just weird to paint.

Draco Malfoy as the bad bishop (x2)

Vincent Crabbe as the knight (x2)

For some reason Rook Bellatrix (x2) was very fun for me to paint. Maybe it was her crazy hair. :)

Detailing on her dress.

The next post will contain all of the pawns on the bad side of the board. So far Aaron will not let anyone else play the good side.

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